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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Toe Ring Tattoos & Designs

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Toe Ring Tattoo Advantages

Toe ring tattoos have become increasingly popular over the past few years. People for a long time have enjoyed accessorizing their toes weather it has been with toe nail polish, physical toe rings, or the new fad "toe ring tattoos."

There are allot of advantages of having a toe ring tattoo. Let’s have a look at the few reasons why toe ring tattoos are becoming more and more popular.

1. Comfort

2. Labor

3. No losing any more toe rings!

1. Comfort - Have you ever had a toe ring that no matter how cool it looked you simply couldn't get over the pain it would cause? Toe rings can be extremely uncomfortable but we as humans are willing to deal with the discomfort of an irritating toe ring As long as we get the ego and/or body image boost we need. A toe ring tattoo can accomplish the look desired minus the discomfort making the toe ring tattoo a very viable option.

2. Labor - With a regular toe ring just like any piece of jewelry you have to clean it on a regular basis. With a toe ring tattoo no labor is required except your normal routine of taking a shower occasionally. Sure you will have the little maintenance to do after first getting your toe ring tattoo but that is to be expected. After that, you will never have to worry about cleaning your toe ring AND putting it back on.

3. No losing any more toe rings! - Its hard finding a toe ring that is the perfect fit. A toe ring that is too tight is unbearably uncomfortable. What do most people do? Buy a toe ring that is a little bigger in size. Of course with a bigger size you will inevitably lose the toe ring at some point. I lost mine playing in a game of beach volleyball. Of course by getting a toe ring tattoo this problem will become obsolete.

With what we have just outlined it looks as though we can draw the following conclusion: A toe ring tattoo can accomplish everything that a normal toe ring can but without discomfort, labor, worrying about losing it, and worrying about if you put it on before you walked out the door.

Fading of Toe Ring Tattoos

We all know that tattoos will fade over time. As a general rule toe ring tattoos will tend to fade a little more quickly than tattoos on other parts of your body. This is because anytime you wear shoes or socks the skin grows moist and will lead to natural skin slough off. With a toe ring tattoo in can also be a little more troublesome to care for it. Mainly because fresh tattoos are supposed to be open to the air and this might not always be easy to accomplish with a toe ring tattoo.

If you plan on getting a toe ring tattoo please take this advice. Don’t have the design go fully around your toe. The top part will do just fine, it will accomplish the look you want and nobody will ever know. If you do decide to get a toe ring tattoo around your whole toe just know that the wear and tear you put on your feet will cause the bottom to fade quicker than the top.

Pain of Toe Ring Tattoos

Everyone has a different threshold when it comes to pain. I have heard some people say that the toe ring tattoo was by far the most painful out of any other body part they have had inked up. I have also heard it the other way, saying the discomfort was minimal and the tattoo was a breeze. I myself thought it was fairly harmless and would defiantly do it again. One thing to remember about a toe ring tattoo however – it’s easy to flinch while getting worked on, so if you’re ticklish find a way not to be. Your tattoo artist will appreciate it and so will you.

Toe Ring Tattoo Designs

Of course, there are many toe ring tattoos and designs to choose from. Perhaps you already have a favorite toe ring and would just like to have the design become permanent. If you’re stuck on what to get I would defiantly suggest Chopper Tattoo.. In my opinion they are the best online tattoo gallery out there and have great toe ring tattoo designs that include, vines, flowers, geometrics, tribal, and much more.

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